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AILabTools API - Face Analyzer - Introduction

Using cutting-edge AI technology, our API offers comprehensive facial analysis for a given image, providing detailed information about the detected face, including facial position, facial attributes (such as gender, age, expression, attractiveness, eyewear, hairstyle, mask presence, and pose), as well as facial quality metrics (including overall quality score, blur score, lighting score, and facial feature occlusion score).

Application Scenarios

  • Security and Surveillance: Face Analyzer can enhance security systems by accurately identifying individuals in real-time, enabling efficient access control and threat detection in public spaces, airports, or corporate environments.
  • Social Media and Marketing: By analyzing faces in user-generated content, Face Analyzer helps businesses gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, sentiment analysis, and demographic profiling. This information can be leveraged for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized customer experiences.
  • Healthcare and Biometrics: Face Analyzer can be utilized in medical diagnostics, monitoring patient well-being, and assisting in facial recognition for identity verification in healthcare systems, improving patient safety and reducing administrative burdens.
  • Entertainment and Gaming: The entertainment industry can harness Face Analyzer for interactive experiences, such as augmented reality (AR) filters, virtual makeup applications, or personalized character creation in video games.
  • Real-Time Response: Facial recognition possesses characteristics like high concurrency, high throughput, and low latency. Each request can be processed in just a few hundred milliseconds, meeting your real-time usage requirements.
  • Accuracy: Face Analyzer leverages advanced neural networks and deep learning techniques to achieve exceptional accuracy in detecting faces. It can reliably identify faces even in challenging scenarios, such as low light conditions, partial occlusions, or varying angles.
  • Efficiency: Powered by highly optimized algorithms, Face Analyzer delivers impressive performance in terms of processing speed and resource utilization. It can rapidly analyze large volumes of images, making it suitable for real-time applications, such as video surveillance or live streaming platforms.
  • Scalability: Face Analyzer is designed to handle diverse use cases, ranging from individual image analysis to bulk processing of image datasets. Its scalability enables seamless integration with existing workflows, ensuring flexibility and adaptability across different projects and applications.
  • Multi-Face Detection: With the ability to detect and analyze multiple faces simultaneously, Face Analyzer proves invaluable in scenarios where identification or analysis of multiple individuals is crucial. This capability makes it ideal for crowd monitoring, security applications, or social media analytics.

Billing Instructions

  • A certain number of credits will be consumed for each successful API call.

Amount of Credits Deducted

APINumber of Credits
Face Analyzer1

Resource Package

Universal Credits (Supports All APIs)

AmountsCreditsAmounts/CreditAllowable Call Count (Face Analyzer)One-Time Amount (Face Analyzer)
$ 12.002,000$ 0.00602,000$ 0.0060
$ 27.505,000$ 0.00555,000$ 0.0055
$ 50.0010,000$ 0.005010,000$ 0.0050
$ 135.0030,000$ 0.004530,000$ 0.0045
$ 212.0050,000$ 0.004350,000$ 0.0043
$ 400.00100,000$ 0.0040100,000$ 0.0040
$ 1,050.00300,000$ 0.0035300,000$ 0.0035
$ 1,500.00500,000$ 0.0030500,000$ 0.0030
$ 2,500.001,000,000$ 0.00251,000,000$ 0.0025

If you require more credits, please contact us at [email protected].

File Storage Policy

  • Uploaded Files: Not stored.